----Bolinston is continue to absorb advanced technology and management experience.We will cooperate with friends at home and abroad with sincere enthusiasm and a high degree of professionalism.中文版
Enterprise culture:
Our duty:Making life easier and providing cost-effective products.
Core values:People-oriented, loyal.We rely on the care and respect for people, everything to customers as the center, so that customer satisfaction.Then on customer loyalty, while the employees of the company's identity, and loyalty to the company produced.
Quality assurance:To meet customer needs and exceed their expectations.
About Us
      Wuxi Bolinston Furniture Accessories Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing all kinds of relative products, such as functional sofa iron shelving, electric levels etc, among which multi-functional sofa shelving is the leading product in our company. And our company possesses a powerful capability of developing and designing products. The multi—functional components of sofa provide the possibility of unlimited multiple combinations, manifesting the modern and fashionable design concept. People in Bolinston take creating superior value for clients as their highest pursuit and supply the sofa which is more comfortable, more natural, more modern and more fashionable to the entire consumer base.
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