Peace and respect to you!

Peace and respect to you!

Welcome to the web portal of Gerakan Suci, Perguruan Pencak Silat (g’rawk’awn soo’ chi, purr’guru’an pen’chawk see’lawt). Gerakan Suci is a school of martial arts firmly centered in the warrior tradition of Java and Sumatra, Indonesia.

Harimau Stance

Gerakan Suci is not a new style, but rather a contemporary expression of the traditional styles we have been honored to learn. While we still teach our jurus and weapons as they were given to us, we also attempt to optimize our skills for the modern world. As such we concentrate more on the practical aspects of combat in a crowded parking lot or on an airplane than in a jungle or rice padi.

Our philosophy and ethical inheritance comes directly from Sufi spiritual practices and the discipline of Spiritual Chivalry.

All people of good will are welcome to visit, view classes and join if they have the interest.

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