Introduction 2

Introduction 2

The curriculum is patterned on a university model. There are classes in the basics, core classes, focus subjects such as a particular weapon, electives and fitness regimen including cardio, weight training, and yoga.
The core curriculum is divided into four Satria (warrior/knight) levels. This should take 4-8 years of concentrated study. At the completion of these you will have the equivalent of a third or fourth-degree black belt. There will still be a lifetime of study ahead, but this equivalence will enable you to reasonably be able to protect yourself and your loved ones in most adverse situations.

Aggressive Defense
Gerakan Suci’s tactical technique is based on a philosophy called aggressive defense. As citizens of this country we can not openly brandish weapons or kill indiscriminately. It is therefore counter-productive to teach a martial art that emphasizes brutal tactics or maiming. Students of Gerakan Suci learn how to kill and maim so that they can understand how to defend themselves against this behavior.
Gerakan Suci teaches that it is more important to show proficiency at defending yourself than at killing others. This is why our philosophy centers around defense. We call it aggressive defense because we respond to danger, but we don’t wait to get hit. Being aggressive, or proactive means that you actively work to avoid or neutralize dangerous situations; it does not mean that in any situation where you feel threatened, your first impulse is to aggress the threat. The difference between aggression and violence is having a purpose or a clear goal other than victimization. The goal of a Gerakan Suci student in such a situation is to neutralize the danger as soon as possible.

Potentially dangerous situations should be handled in three stages: avoidance, diffusion and neutralization. You can be aggressive in all three of these stages by proactively avoiding hazardous situations, taking the first step to calm or defuse the situation and if need be provide the first physical action to neutralize the danger as soon as possible. We would much rather remove the threat than have to forcibly defense against it. Within the act of neutralization we are morally obligated to disable first. If disabling fails, using anything from pain compliance to submission to control, we can then justify maiming. Gerakan Suci teaches defense in these steps so that when faced with a threat we use just enough force to get out of danger. We cannot ethically kill someone if we haven’t established whether or not they can be stopped in any other way. Aggressive defense is about training students to respond to their environment by acting first rather than reacting after someone else has.

Training philosophy
The Gerakan Suci curriculum seeks to develop the student as a complete martial artist. The art covers all aspects of combat from avoidance and tactics to engagement and aftermath of physical contact.
Developing a level-headed response to multiple, well-armed attackers is central to the training. This includes punching and kicking, take downs, grapples, and ground fighting, night fighting, and uneven and wet terrain.
A Gerakan Suci practitioner seeks an unparalleled adaptability to any situation. As such, any empty-hand technique can be adapted with no modification to weapons such as stick, dagger, long knife or staff. Along with these considerations, Gerakan Suci strives to maintain the highest possible level of artistic expression. Pencak Silat is truly a system that is both martial and an art.

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