This information is the focus of our studies and is reviewed on a regular basis as a student progresses. This enables the student to understand the concepts behind the curriculum as they learn the skills and techniques.

Flower Dance

Pencak Silat is a method of practical self defense and personal self development refined during the last 1000 years in the Indonesian archipelago and Malaysia. Pencak Silat is a living, evolving martial art used to this day for the protection of family and village. It is a well rounded martial art that includes performance and sport elements that are actively promoted in the international Silat community. The art is also an excellent method of developing physical fitness and health. Spiritual discipline is inherent in the training and essential to attain the higher levels of the art.

Gerakan Suci is a school of Pencak Silat based on the Suwanda Family art of Mande Muda from West Java, Indonesia combined with the practices of Sufi Chivalry from the Qadiri Rifai Sufi Order.
Of the 25 styles of Pencak Silat that make up Mande Muda, Gerakan Suci chooses 10 as the core of its curriculum: Cikalong, Cimande, Pamonyet, Harimau, Pamacan, Rikhisan, Sabandar, Nampun, Ulin Nafas, and Banjung. Another five were chosen as adjuncts to the core techniques: Kari, Madi, Timbangan, Totok, and Sabetan.
Gerakan Suci translates from Bahasa Indonesia as Sacred Movement. This refers to the concept of lankah riusuke or stepping with the blessing. Outwardly, this means to be on time with your attention and your techniques. Internally, it means to move in sync with the physical and spiritual laws of the Universe. By practicing the drills and techniques of Gerakan Suci with diligence you can internalize these principles into every action. This will become evident over time with persistent practice, regular study, and proper guidance.

What distinguishes a practitioner of Gerakan Suci?
A practitioner of Gerakan Suci seeks to develop the cultured attributes of chivalry and service. I, personally, do not practice pencak silat in order to bully or hurt other people and I do not teach it for that purpose. In accordance with the traditions of my teachers, and their teachers before them, I teach Gerakan Suci as a set of tools for you to use to be a better person. This betterment begins with physical health but expands to encompass emotional stability, mental acuity, and spiritual purity.
Bandung, West Java, 1984 From a tactical viewpoint, one important thing that distinguishes Pencak Silat is that at its core it is a knife fighting art. There are a multitude of regional variations from village to village but several common elements can be found in most Pencak Silat styles. First is that because of the equatorial heat in Indonesia and Malaysia personal armor—even for soldiers or knights—is unheard of. Second is that large portions of the population traditionally carried blades, from work knives and farming machetes to ritual weapons such as keris and kujang. This lead to the development of arts that are quick, evasive, deceptive, and punishing.
Gerakan Suci is an art that, if treated with the proper respect, will lead you into many levels of self-discovery. Even though Pencak Silat is relatively new to the West, there are many fine masters and teachers throughout the United States seeking to spread a true understanding of this deep art. If you can commit the time and attention to learning the concepts as presented, you will develop the ability to enter any situation, whether a fight or a seminar, and have an understanding of what is happening and how to respond appropriately.<

What makes the Open Circle Academy unique?
The Open Circle Academy encourages an atmosphere of relaxed discipline. Training is both intense and fun. We believe that a student of the martial arts must be sincere and work hard. At the same time we also attempt to avoid the pitfall of taking ourselves too seriously. The Open Circle Academy is a safe and supportive environment for men and women of all ages to train and excel.

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