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This January Shaykh Taner Ansari, Guru Mushtaq Ali Shah, and Guru Muda Marc “Animal” MacYoung traveled to Lawton Oklahoma for five days of training with KAPATIRAN SUNTUKEN MARTIAL ARTS.

Our time was broken up into two sections, a two day public workshop and three days of “closed door” training for the KSMA students.

The public workshop started with a day of Marc’s “No Nonsense Self Defense” ™, which introduced everyone to some of the practical considerations of personal safety, as well as explaining complex patterns of attack and defense in terms that make them accessible to anyone.

The second day of the public workshop Mushtaq Ali gave instruction in some basic Cimande and introduced everyone to Gerakan Suci Kujang technique.

During the “closed door” sessions Marc expanded his “No Nonsense Self Defense” ™, while Mushtaq Ali gave in depth instruction in the fundimentals of Gerakan Suci.

Each evening Shaykh Taner gave talks on the moral and ethical aspects of the warrior arts and the spiritual foundations of Gerakan Suci.

We are happy to anounce that KSMA will be hosting a Gerakan Suci study group in the Lawton, OK area. For more information contact Brandt Smith

We want also to extend our graditude to Sensi Ranulfo Gonzalez Jr, Owner and Head Instructor of the Wilcoxen’s Family Academy 4405 West Gore Blvd., Lawton, OK 73505, who provided the facility where we held the workshop.

Maha Guru Rita Gunawan, the successor to the Suwanda Family System and sister to Pak Herman is touring the US giving seminars. After three weeks in Hawaii she came to California where she was hosted by Guru Jim Wimmer and his class. Guru Rennie, Steffan, Mike & Dustin made the drive down from Santa Cruz and had an outstanding time. Guru Rita continues the standard of excellence one expects from the Suwanda Family System.

Guru Rennie and murid mati Steffan recently attended the deThouars Family Gathering in Denver, Colorado hosted by Uncle Bill and Aunt Joyce. Aside from the altitude putting a damper on his normally unbounded physical energy, he had a great time and had the opportunity to meet and renew friendships with some of the best martial artists in the country. It was a great weekend and we learned a lot of good silat.