Gerakan Suci

Gerakan Suci

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Gerakan Suci is a warrior art firmly centered in the Indonesian martial tradition of Pencak Silat, though it draws useful skills and experience from any number of other disciplines. These include Philippine martial arts, the skills of the Zur Khaneh of Central Asia, Kalaripayat of India and US Army Airborne Special Forces combat techniques. Our Pusaka (philosophy and ethic) comes directly from Sufi spiritual practices.

Every technique and action is geared toward defending against multiple skilled and armed fighters. Emphasis is placed upon empty hand and bladed weapons with easy extension of knowledge to sticks, polearms and firearms.

The Aliran Satria Naga is a free confederation of Silat practitioners and instructors who have their roots in the legendary New River Academy of Santa Cruz, California and the order of Futuwwah brought to the west by the Qadiri-Rifa’i tariqa under Shaykh Taner Ansari. While each instructor takes personal responsibility for their teaching, there is a strong tradition of sharing and respect between each of us. Each of us adhere to the code of “Spiritual Chivalry” that stands at the core of our practice. We look to each other for both help in perfecting our art and to fulfill our duties to our students, such as rank testing in the higher levels.

Meaning of the names (A note on spelling. You will notice the random use of “c” and “tj”. They are the same sound and the spellings are used interchangeably. The first is modern and the latter is more traditional. The Dutch-descended schools in the West tend to still use the old spelling. This is not meant to be confusing. At least no more so than the rest of Silat.)

Pencak Silat (also spelled Pentjak Silat) roughly translates as “martial movement with art”. Silat is the art while Pencak is the fighting. This implies the concept of being extremely lethal while remaining relaxed and centered and having your actions flow from a place of beauty. It demands that the practitioner always remains honorable and forthright in the face of challenges and be prepared to defend family and community to the death if necessary.

Gerakan Suci means “sacred movement”. It refers to our emphasis upon moving in alignment with the laws of physics and the rules of God. It is the physical expression of our art. It is Menegaskan Suci, Sacred Affirmation. What we affirm is life and our path to the Dhatullah (essence of the Divine Reality). To this end our art is inclusive rather than exclusive.

The essence of Gerakan Suci is found in the Asma’ ul Husna, The Most Beautiful Names. The Names provide the matrix which gives us the pattern of our movement. Each of the 99 Beautiful Names describes one of the divine attributes and by moving in harmony with these attributes we align ourselves with the divine reality (Haqqiqat).

Come, Come whoever you are, wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. Our’s is not a caravan of despair. Come even if you have broken your vows a thousand times, Come, come yet again.
Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi