(Def): 1. Elements, 2. Base, foundation, 3. Principle, 4. Background.
The building blocks that make up our jurus and kimbangan.

(Def): 1. Skills, 2. Expertise.
Upper body meta-movements built from Dasar, out of which combat patterns are derived.

Dasar Pasan
(Def): Elements of Stance, to line up a group.
Stances, transitions & positions. The positioning of the body, the centerline and the chamber to the enemy.

(Def): 1. Step, 2. Pace.
Lower body meta-movements derived from Dasar Pasan. Geometric stepping patterns using the line, triangle, square and circle.

Dasar Bertenun Tangan
(Def): Hand Weaving Elements.
The basic blocks and strikes woven together to make one continuous flow.

Dasar Kaki
(Def): Foot Elements.
Sitting and Ground Fighting positions; Sweeps and Kicks; Lankahs; kaki nampol-sticky foot exercises.

(Def): To receive, also to join or continue.
These are a sets of two person exercises where one partner gives an attack and the other receives it and performs a prearranged series of techniques. Sambuts teach proper placement, angling and flow.

(Def): Fruit.
Dasar or Jurus done as 2 and 3 person exercises. Practiced step by step, Buah always move toward submission and destruction.

(Def): Breaking, as in many pieces.
Exploring variations within the buah. Pecahan also move toward submission and destruction.

Maen Po
(Def): War Play.
Finding realism and speed in the buah and pecahan. Maen Po is a challenge between two or more people done non-rhythmically. The play starts slow building in speed until your opponent cannot defend then slows down and starts again. Maen Po includes knife, grappling, sparring, and counter-for-counter locks.

(Def): Flower, Flower Dance.
Dasar, Jurus and Lankah combined continuously into a dance performance set to traditional Silat Kendang Pencak music. There are three types of kimbangan: 1) The school dances. 2) Each person creates their own personal kimbangan from juru, lankah and dasar. This is a rank requirement. 3) Free form dance movements to music without plan.

(Def): Knowledge, Science.
Ilmu comes from the Arabic word ‘Ilm which means “to know”. Ilmu is any body of organized knowledge. The Ilmu that can be learned within Gerakan Suci are: Ilmu Tabib, Traditional medicine; Ilmu rumput, herbology; Ilmu Picet, Massage and joint manipulation; Ilmu Pengantaraan, Mediation, Ilmu Napas, breath control; Ilmu Presatukan nafs, yoga; Ilmu Tassawuf, Sufi mysticism; Ilmu Kebatinan, hidden skills. We do not teach any Ilmu that is forbidden or questionable under Shari’a and tariqa.

(Def): Hidden Skills.
These are the internal and subtle aspects of the art. Under this category are such practices as Zikr, meditation, prayer, fasting and breathing exercises (Ulin Napas) for power, strength and toughness.

(Def): Treasure, Inheritance.
Pusaka is the spiritual inheritance of the Masters, the blueprint of Silat, which provides the explanation of the physical mechanics. The practices are centered on the Zikr, such as “La Illaha il Allah” and “Allah” repeated aloud during any of the above practices.

Class flow generally proceeds like this: Dasar > Jurus > Lankahs > Buah > Pecaan > Maen Po > Kimbangan although we don’t cover eveything each class. !!!