Self Defense

Self Defense 01

Self Defense – Tactics of Safety – Bela diri is the Indonesian term for the body of knowledge that deals with self defense and the strategy and tactics of avoiding or controlling a confrontation. Here I will introduce the […]



Classes Santa Cruz, California Classes are held in Aptos on Tuesdays from 6:00pm – 8:00pm, and Sundays from 11:00am – 1:00pm. Classes are taught by Guru Rennie judi slot uang asli , and Guru Muda Charlene. Contact Guru Rennie for […]



Adab Part of understanding Silat is understanding the culture behind the art. To further this, we at Gerakan Suci encourage that all students abide by some simple adab (manners) when at the school or at school events. This will also […]


Aliran Satria Naga

Aliran Satria Naga The Aliran Satria Naga is a free confederation of Silat practitioners and instructors who have their roots in the legendary New River Academy of Santa Cruz, California. While each instructor takes personal responsibility for their teaching, there […]


Coat of Arms

The Gerakan Suci Coat of Arms Like any good crest our Coat Of Arms has many interpretations that show different aspects of our school philosophy. The first level of interpretation has to do with the four parts of our name. […]



Gerakan Suci (g’rawk’ awn soo’ chi) is a campuran style (mixed), meaning the curriculum is composed of the influences of several major styles. Guru Rennie studied Mande Muda for many years under Pendekar Herman Suwanda and this forms the foundation […]



Curiculum Dasar (Def): 1. Elements, 2. Base, foundation, 3. Principle, 4. Background. The building blocks that make up our jurus and kimbangan. Jurus (Def): 1. Skills, 2. Expertise. Upper body meta-movements built from Dasar, out of which combat patterns are […]


Gerakan Suci

Gerakan Suci Gerakan Suci is a warrior art firmly centered in the Indonesian martial tradition of Pencak Silat, though it draws useful skills and experience from any number of other disciplines. These include Philippine martial arts, the skills of the […]